Wind machines

We provide wind machine installation, repairs, and annual maintenance services. Services can vary with each individual machine but Vamco Ltd., Inc. can handle any issue that arises.
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Ground Power Model

This popular unit offers the convenience of having the power source at ground level for easy maintenance. Power units are available in diesel, propane and natural gas; ranging from 92-160 hp at 2450 RPM. All engines are true industrial models for heavy-duty use and come with control panels for automatic emergency shutdown. Towers are 20” in diameter and are .250” thick steel tubing with a standard height of 35’. Heavy duty balanced drive lines, with spicer components, are used. All of our Sentinel machines are equipped with a solar-battery maintenance charger. The Sentinel wind machine is the only machine in the industry with a tower-mounted control panel.
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Electric Model

This alternate unit offers the convenience of starting and stopping automatically by the use of a pre-set thermostat. Very simple and easy to maintain, these units feature fewer parts and greater reliability. The single piece tower is 24” in diameter and is .250” thick steel tubing and supports the Lincoln electric motor for great protection. Standard tower height is 35’.The Sentinel Control Panel Box is the top of the line electronic control which protects against single phase, low voltage, and motor burnout.
Portable wind machine - wind machines in Lindsay, CA

portable Model

Our newest Sentinel comes in a portable model. The smaller version has a total machine weight of 9,000 lbs. Machine has a tower diameter of 20”, the same as our full-size Ground Power model,but only has a fan shaft height of 21’. We have accompanied this machine with a Sentinel Mark III 115 hp fan for a compact frost protection solution.We join this great machine with the Fiat Diesel Engine Package Model N45 rated at 125 hp which includes our Hilliard centrifugal clutch assembly.
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Gearboxes are considered the heart of each wind machine. All gearboxes are designed, engineered, and tested to meet high horsepower and torque demands of larger fans and power units. Each housing is manufactured of high-strength cast iron for long life. The special gears are spiral beveled with alloy steel, hardened, and lapped in match sets. The lower gearbox ration is 2.5 to 1. The top gear head ratio is 1.65 to 1 with a 360° rotation every 4.5 minutes.


The Mark I and Mark III fans are the first composite frost control fans designed as direct replacements for the majority of fans in use today. They are available to replace Tropic Breeze, Towt, Frostmaster, and Orchard-Rite, just to name a few. From replacements for small Frostmasters to the 19’ fan used on the Sentinel 150 hp Ground Power, we have your crop covered! These fans have been engineered to provide maximum airflow at minimum blade weight, and are available in a variety of horsepower.
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Engine Packages

  • Fiat Diesel (4 & 6 Cylinder)
  • Ford V10 (Propane & Natural Gas)
  • Ford 460 (Propane & Natural Gas)

Ems pro-lite

The EMS PRO has selectable auto start/stop and auto throttling options. The auto start/stop options are available at the touch of a button.